Meet the Host

Lee Bodette

My two favorite passions are radio and cars. (Not necessarily in that order). I've been on the radio in many capacities for over 40-Years. This includes "live" broadcasts at car dealerships, news/sports reporting, political events and hosting the #1 rated show in Vermont. The show is called "The Sunday Morning Radio Flea Market", it airs weekly on 98.9 FM WOKO, a 100,000-Watt radio Station, based in Burlington, Vt. I've happily been hosting this show for 32 years.

I've also donated time to our local Vermont PBS television station, hosting countless fundraising events.

My dad was passionate about cars while I was growing up and I definitely inherited that gene. I've owned over 100 Cars in my lifetime, and I'm not done yet! I've had the wonderful opportunity of being the announcer/MC at dozens of car shows in Vermont and New York. 

What can I say? I love sports cars. Some of the cars that I've owned include Corvettes, Mustangs (GT350 and GT500), Challengers, Camaros…and the list goes on and on.

I host a sports car show on YouTube called "Test Drive", sponsored by Sport Car USA. We talk mainly about modern muscle cars, which is what Sport Car USA buys & sells to people globally.

It's the perfect forum for me to talk about, drive and be around some of the most prolific modern sport cars ever produced. I also get to interview people who have a story to tell about the current car that we're showcasing. Cars for people are more than just a machine, they create memories and special moments in their life!

During the past 2 years, Sport Car USA has sold almost 1-million dollars in modern muscle/sports cars from Vermont to Florida and even Australia! Sport Car USA is beginning its 3rd year with a lot of momentum. During the winter months Sport Car USA is buying sports cars when other dealers stay away from them. This allows the inventory to always be growing.

It's a pleasure to be able to host such fun content with Test Drive and Sport Car USA. Test Drive and Sport Car USA have definitely established themselves and found their niche in the sports car market!